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Double Frag Pouch

FAST: Unique side-by-side design allows for rapid target re-engagement if a second grenade is needed.
SECURE STORAGE: Triple retention via "Dura-lastic" side compression straps, Hook & Loop secured flap and SR buckle lock-down keeps M-67 & M-69 type grenades in place under the worst of conditions.
MODULAR: Fits on all SPEC.-OPS.® Brand packs, vests, Interceptor body armor, and other modular systems.
DURABLE: Double-wall 1000 D. Cordura® pouches, double stitching and bar-tacks make this the toughest, most durable Frag-grenade pouch on the market today.
VERSATILE: Can also be used to hold other field-essential items like field dressings, or signaling devices. (Double Frag-Grenade Pouch securely holds 4 cans of snuff!)
100% Made In The U.S.A. - GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

ITEM # 100620106 - Double Frag Pouch Tan
ITEM # 100620111 - Double Frag Pouch Coyote Brown
ITEM # 100620112 - Double Frag Pouch Foliage Green
ITEM # 100620113 - Double Frag Pouch ACU

Weight:1.25 lbs
Price:$ 39.99
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