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ESS® Cortex Clip™
The lightweight ESS® Cortex Clip™ quickly attaches to any ESS® Profile™ Series goggle to instantly provide the additional coverage essential for eye safety on the Airsoft Battlefield. To help reduce lens fogging, the Cortex Clip™ is designed to maintain maximum airflow around the vented goggle perimeter.

This product may be used to retrofit any existing Profile NVG™ or Profile TurboFan™ goggles.

Safety Note:

* Airsoft is a hazardous activity. Failure to adhere to and follow all warnings may result in serious or permanent injury.
* Do NOT use in the sport of Paintball or in training exercises involving marking rounds, such as Simunition® FX® Marking Cartridges.
* Always use the ESS Cortex™ Clip with ESS Profile™ Series goggles. These goggles should NEVER be used in Airsoft activities without a Cortex™ Clip or other ESS-approved Airsoft mask.
* This product will not protect the wearer from all eye hazards and other injuries. Additional face/throat/ear protection should also be worn during Airsoft activities.


Weight:1.00 lbs
Price:$ 19.99
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